Thursday, 2 June 2011

The CADA Report

Dr. Terry Rock, President and CEO of the Calgary Arts Development Authority (CADA) released CADA’s Annual Report to the Community last Monday evening. For those out of the loop, CADA acts as a central hub to promote, advocate and engage artists, arts organizations and the public to build and support a cohesive arts community.
Dr. Rock’s enthusiasm for the arts in Calgary is contagious and he outlined several programs and ideas which are worth keeping an eye on. One amazing initiative is artsVest – a program which has had a lot of success in Ontario uniting corporate donors with underfunded art organizations. He pointed out that a healthy cultural life in the city is vital to attracting and keeping employees and large corporations already understand this. Tapping into this is crucial for arts organizations.
I could go on, but I don’t think there’s enough space to wax poetic about the changes in store for the King Edward School in Connaught and the push to make Calgary the Culture Capital of Canada in 2012.
The AGC is pretty darn excited about what’s coming down the pike; artsVest launches on June 15 and The AGC will definitely be there!

For more information please check out the CADA website and stay tuned to what they are up to:
Check out the links to King Edward School as well as Calgary 2012:

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