Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Traditions Illuminated: Celebrating the Halls

On April 29th, art enthusiasts and supporters of The Art Gallery of Calgary gathered to celebrate the opening of Traditions Illuminated: Celebrating the Halls. We spent the night hosting over 500 people and the vibe was wonderful; full of laughter, good conversation and excellent company. Throughout the evening we had the pleasure of facilitating interviews with each member of the Hall family, as well as our guest curator Anne Ewen. These interviews resulted in a special, which was aired on Access TV over this past weekend on Alberta Prime Time. Check out the link below to view the video and enjoy it over the next three months.  We are thrilled with how this story came together and proud to promote this incredibly talented family of artists.

Janine Hall, Buddha Seed

Janine Hall, Rainsong
Joice Hall, Water Bomber
Joice Hall, Shadow and Light

Jarvis Hall, Frame for Mother and Child
Jarvis Hall, Carving a frame

John Hall, Rattle

John Hall, Angel
Please check out the Alberta Primetime special on the Hall Family at the link below:


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